Alexander Lau Wins Cuthberts Open 2014 & Oxford Winter 2014 Becomes Official!

Cuthberts Open 2014 took place on the 11-12th October at The Galleria, Hatfield. Alexander Lau won with an average of 8.00 seconds. Breandan Vallance finished second (9.45) and Robert Yau finished third (9.98). The full results can be found on the WCA website.

Congratulations to our world record breaker Oliver Frost on breaking the 4×4 Blindfolded World Record once again with a time of 2:18.65! This took 7 seconds off his own previous world record!

As always he have a few lost items from the competition. If you think you lost something or left it behind, please contact and describe the item you lost the best you can, we will see if we have it!

We hope you enjoyed it and look forward to seeing you at UK Championships!

Oxford Winter 2014

Oxford Winter 2014 will take place on 20-21st December at The East Oxford Community Centre, Oxford. The organisation team consists of Greg Austin and Robert Yau, alongside the WCA Delegates, James Molloy and Daniel Sheppard.

Registration will be available on the WCA Website. Registration will open at 19:00 on Friday 24th October. The competitor limit will be 50 although you may still register for the waiting list after this. You will be notified via email if a place becomes available. There will be a registration fee of £10, payable on the day.