Alexander Lau Wins UK Rubik’s Cube Championship 2014!

The UK Rubik’s Cube Championship 2014 took place on the 1st-2nd November at the O2 Academy at the University of Leicester. Alexander Lau won with an average of 9.02 seconds. Robert Yau finished second (10.19) and Breandan Vallance finished third (10.25). The full results can be found on the WCA website. An honorary mention to Edward Lin of the US who came second in the competition with an average of 9.77.

As usual we have a few lost items from the competition. If you think you lost something or left it behind, please contact and describe the item you lost the best you can, we will see if we have it! We don’t just have puzzles!

We hope you enjoyed it and look forward to seeing you at Oxford Winter!