FMC Euro 2015!

Hey everyone,

After FMC USA 2014 there were some discussions within the delegate community about holding other regional FMC events, and we are pleased to announce FMC Euro 2015! This competition will be across all of Europe at the same time, and the only event being held will be Fewest Moves, of which there will be three attempts.

FMC Euro 2015 will take place on Saturday, 28th March, 2015, the weekend before Easter! So put this date in your calendars if you are interested!

It looks like we will be having two venues in the UK, one in the south in the London area, hosted by Daniel Sheppard. And one in the north in the Hull area, hosted by James Molloy.

When we get some more information we will let you know, this was just to let everyone know when and roughly where it is happening!

Happy Cubing!