ABHC 2015

ABHC 2015 took place in the Collingwood Suite, Gosling Sports Park, Welwyn Garden City on 29-30th August, 2015.
It was organised by Oliver Frost and Adam Greenwood, and delegated by James Molloy and Daniel Sheppard.


The full results are available here

The following UK National Records were set:
Skewb Average: Harry Savage – 4.08
Pyraminx Average: Daniel Sheppard – 3.76
Pyraminx Single: Robert Yau – 2.11
6x6x6 Average: Robert Yau – 2:10.56
6x6x6 Single: Robert Yau – 2:02.65

5 Irish Records were set by Ciarán Beahan
1 Korean Record was set by Jong-Ho Jeong
2 UAE Records were set by Shaiban Al Shaibani

Best Performance