ABHC Open 2014

ABHC Open 2014 took place on the 23-25th August at The Collingwood Suite, Gosling Sports Park, Welwyn Garden City. Cornelius Dieckmann won with an average of 8.04 seconds. Alexander Lau finished second (8.18) and Breandan Vallance finished third (9.68). The full results can be found on the WCA website.

The organisation team consisted of Adam Greenwood, alongside the WCA Delegates, James Molloy and Daniel Sheppard.

Congratulations to our world record breaker Oliver Frost on breaking the 4×4 Blindfolded World Record with a time of 2:25.27! This took a few seconds off of his previous world record, and also cemented his place at the top of the 4BLD Mean of 3 rankings with a mean of 2:32.11, 2:25.27, 2:49.48 = 2:35.62!

The following Continental Records were set:

5×5 Single: Robert Yau – 56.96 (European Record, Honorary Mention)
5×5 Single: Breandan Vallance – 55.50 (European Record)
5×5 Average: Breandan Vallance – 1:01.68 (European Record)
3×3 Blindfolded Mean: Conor Cronin – 2:35.00 (African Record)
3×3 Fewest Moves Mean: Conor Cronin – 41.67 (African Record)
3×3 With Feet Single: Conor Cronin – 2:06.42 (African Record)
3×3 With Feet Mean: Conor Cronin – 2:26.30 (African Record)
Megaminx Single: Conor Cronin – 1:50.11 (African Record)
Clock Single: Conor Cronin – 6.72 (African Record)
Clock Average: Conor Cronin – 8.64 (African Record)
6×6 Mean: Conor Cronin – 3:42.12 (African Record)
5×5 Blindfolded: Conor Cronin – 31:24.00 (African Record)

The following UK National Records were set:

Pyraminx Average: Luke Hubbard – 3.79

14 Irish National Records were set by Ciarán Beahan, 1 South African National Record was set by Conor Cronin, and 1 New Zealand National Record was set by Jonathan Adlam.