Cambridge Open 2013

Cambridge Open 2013 took place on 15-16th June 2013 at ARM Ltd, Cambridge. Alexander Lau won with an average of 7.68 seconds. Simon Crawford finished second (10.26) and Breandan Vallance finished third (10.27). The full results can be found on the WCA website.

The organisation team consisted of Joey Gouly and the WCA Delegate was Daniel Sheppard.

The following Continental Records were set:

5×5 Average: Breandan Vallance – 1:06.34 (European Record)
4×4 Blindfolded: Noah Arthurs – 4:24.25 (North American Record)
Rubik’s Cube Multiple Blindfolded : Noah Arthurs – 16/16 | 53:46 (North American Record)

The following UK National Records were set:

Rubik’s Cube Single: Alexander Lau – 6.47 and 5.96
Rubik’s Cube Average: Alexander Lau – 7.68
5×5 Single: Breandan Vallance – 1:03.46
Rubik’s Cube Blindfolded: Oliver Frost – 45.96 and 39.68
Rubik’s Cube Blindfolded Mean: Callum Hales-Jepp – 1:17.79
Rubik’s Cube One-Handed Average: Alexander Lau – 15.50

8 Irish National Records were set by Ciarán Beahan, 1 US National Record were set by Noah Arthus, and 3 Cypriot National Records were set by Maria Koukou.