Crawley Open 2017

Crawley Open 2017 was held on 3rd-4th June 2017 at Hazelwick School. The competition was organised by Adam Greenwood, Sarah Gasson, Ronald Mansveld, and Ollie Frost, and delegated by Daniel Sheppard, James Molloy and Evan Liu.

Cornelius Dieckmann won with an average of 7.34 seconds. Ciarán Beahan finished second (8.45) and Robert Yau finished third (9.06).

Full results can be found on the WCA Page.

The following UK National Records were set:
7x7x7 Single – Robert Yau – 2:54.96
7x7x7 Mean – Robert Yau – 3:04.69

Ciarán Beahan set 9 Irish Records.