Edinburgh Spring 2015

Edinburgh Spring 2015 was held on 21st-22nd March 2015 at the University of Edinburgh. The competition was organised by Simon Crawford and Breandan Vallance, and delegated by James Molloy and Daniel Sheppard.


The full results can be found here

Oliver Frost set a World Record of 2:10.47 for 4x4x4 blindfolded

The following UK National Records were set:
Pyraminx Average: Robert Yau – 2.58
4x4x4 Blindfolded: Oliver Frost – 2:10.47
1 German Record was set by Cornelius Dieckmann
8 Georgian Records were set by Giorgi Tarielashvili


Rubik’s Cube

1. Cornelius Dieckmann (8.45)
2. Breandan Vallance (9.49)
3. Robert Yau (9.71)

Cornelius Dieckmann extended his unbeaten record on British soil to 5 competitions, winning with an average of 8.45. He was declared odds-on favourite for the win, and matched the expectation. His full-step German National Record of 6.14 in the second round was another highlight. Breandan and Robert also made the podium, with the former unable to replicate the heroics he performed the last time there was a competition in his home country. Simon Crawford’s 9.91 average for 4th place moves him up to 6th in the UK Rankings.
We also saw the 19th and 20th UK competitors to record a sub-10 solve, when Max Day (9.91) and Sam Warner (9.30) broke the boundary in the second round.

4x4x4 Cube

1. Robert Yau (35.46)
2. Daniel Sheppard (39.26)
3. Cornelius Dieckmann (40.18)

Predictably Robert won this event with ease, but was disappointed not to break his National Record. His last solve of the final did give him a 3rd official sub-30 though. Daniel backed up his sub-40 averages at Harrow by slightly lowering his PB again for 2nd place. Cornelius’ 3rd place contributed to a statistical anomaly whereby he beat Daniel in the first 4 solves, but ended up behind him. Joey edged closer to the 40 second barrier with an excellent 41.58 average in the final.

5x5x5 Cube

1. Breandan Vallance (1:07.49)
2. Robert Yau (1:09.08)
3. Cornelius Dieckmann (1:23.39)

All 3 rounds were relatively close, with neither Breandan nor Robert performing to their best, but Breandan’s last solve of 1:02 was enough to clinch the victory. Cornelius impressed in the 2nd round with a 1:12 average, while lower down the field, Oliver Frost was very happy to break through the 2 minute barrier.

2x2x2 Cube

1. Callum Hales-Jepp (3.30)
2. Robert Yau (3.57)
3. Cornelius Dieckmann (4.04)

The UK has not produced much of note in 2×2 recently and indeed once again the standard wasn’t particularly high. Callum came out on top in the final, while Cornelius found an easy 6-mover in the first round for a 1.07 single.

Rubik’s Cube: Blindfolded

1. Oliver Frost (36.98)
2. Callum Hales-Jepp (51.66)
3. Matthew Sheerin (56.68)

The first round (which was originally the final) was won by Callum, who also achieved a sub-1 mean of 3. Ollie managed to up his game for the added final though, which means he is yet to be beaten by a UK competitor in any 3bld final apart from 1 time when he had all DNFs.

Rubik’s Cube: One-handed

1. Cornelius Dieckmann (16.65)
2. Robert Yau (17.09)
3. Aria Zolfaghari (18.79)

Although Cornelius won the final, it was Aria’s 14.45 average in the first round that was the fastest of the competition. Callum had 3 sub-20 averages for the first time, and is closing up on those ahead of him.

Rubik’s Cube: Fewest moves

1. Daniel Sheppard (25)
2. Matthew Sheerin (28)
2. Robert Yau (28)

Daniel won this event with a relatively simple skeleton (for him) leaving 4 corners at 18 moves, and cancelling 9 moves on the insertions. Matthew feels he should have found the optimal insertions on his solve, which would also have given 25 moves. This was the 2nd best podium achieved by UK competitors.


1. Robert Yau (1:02.23)
2. Callum Hales-Jepp (1:08.74)
3. Daniel Sheppard (1:25.46)

The extremely predictable podium played itself out without anything interesting happening really.


1. Daniel Sheppard (4.78)
2. Robert Yau (5.97)
3. Scott Wilson (8.44)

The main point of interest in Pyraminx was the 2.58 National Record single solve by Robert in the first round. From his point of view, it was very lucky, as he simply tried a keyhole solve and skipped the end. Daniel (who is writing this), is a little annoyed that he lost his record, but is happy that it helps the UK sum of country ranks! He won both rounds with 4.xx averages, and thinks he’s due a low-4 or sub-4 average soon…


1. Simon Crawford (12.63)
2. Robert Yau (17.78)
3. Daniel Sheppard (22.48)

There was a very spaced-out podium in Sq-1 as it often is. Simon unfortunately couldn’t beat the oldest UK National Record, but won very easily anyway. He has now won the last 29 rounds he has competed in. Matthew Sheerin demonstrated his parity-avoiding cubeshape method, which didn’t quite work all the time, but it was nevertheless impressive.


1. Daniel Sheppard (8.87)
2. Callum Hales-Jepp (9.54)
3. James Molloy (9.71)

It was thought that James and Daniel would battle it out for the win, but after Callum set a mid-9 average in the first group, things didn’t turn out as expected. Daniel DNF-ed his first solve and with James failing, it was left to Daniel to try and deny Callum his first clock victory, which he managed.


1. Daniel Sheppard (6.78)
2. Robert Yau (6.96)
3. James Molloy (8.82)

The first round resulted in a tie between Daniel and Robert, and it was also fairly close in the final, with Daniel coming out on top this time.

4x4x4 Cube: Blindfolded

1. Oliver Frost (2:10.47)
2. Callum Hales-Jepp (4:00.60)
3. Cornelius Dieckmann (20:15.00)

Oliver Frost produced the most notable result of the competition by beating his World Record twice in 3 solves, firstly with 2:18.31 and then 2:10.47. He still feels that there’s quite a bit of room for improvement, and will take confidence from these results.
Callum broke his personal best, but was frustrated to be just outside 4 minutes. No doubt he’ll break the barrier very soon though!

5x5x5 Cube: Blindfolded

1. Callum Hales-Jepp (11:00.00)

Oliver Frost unfortunately didn’t manage to get the World Record he wanted, but Callum managed successive successes of 11:16 and 11:00 to win the event.

Rubik’s Cube: Multiple Blindfolded

1. Callum Hales-Jepp (14/15 52:08.00)
2. Oliver Frost (4/5 6:17.43)

A PB from Callum won the event, but only a small one on time alone. The unsolved cube was 3 edges off. Twice he forgot to flip edges, but managed to remember when on a later cube and went back for them.
Oliver Frost’s attempt to take the UWR for 5 cubes fell slightly short, with one incorrect cube. The time would have been easily enough to beat Daniel’s 8:16 from 2012.