London Open 2017

London Open 2017 took place on 8th-9th July 2017 at Hilton London Canary Wharf. The competition was organised and delegated by Daniel Sheppard, James Molloy and Evan Liu, with additional organisers Adam Greenwood, Afiq Noorman, Billy Jeffs, Robert Yau, Ronald Mansveld and Thaynara Santana de Oliveira.

Feliks Zemdegs won with an average of 6.70 seconds. Philipp Weyer finished second (7.13) and Sebastian Weyer finished third (7.23).

Feliks Zemdegs set the following World Records:
6x6x6 Single – 1:20.37
6x6x6 Mean – 1:28.51
7x7x7 Single – 2:14.09
7x7x7 Mean – 2:18.65

Sebastian Weyer set the following European Records:
5x5x5 Single – 47.82
5x5x5 Average – 52.50

The following UK National Records were set:
7x7x7 Mean – Robert Yau – 2:58.51
Skewb Average – Fabio Schwandt – 3.57
Square-1 Single – Charlie Stark – 7.34

Jayden McNeill set 1 Oceanian Record

Ciaran Beahan set 1 Irish Record
Mats Valk set 1 Dutch Record
Sanzar Haiwad set 2 Afghan Records
Thomas Visaya-Neville set 1 Irish Record
Tobias Peter set 1 Swiss Record
Yi-Fan Wu set 2 Taiwanese Records

This competition was kindly sponsored by Rubik’s Ltd. We thank them for their support in helping this event become a success.