North London Open 2016

North London Open 2016 took place on 30th April – 1st May at The Raglan Hotel, London.
The competition was organised by Eli Jay with help from various others. Delegates were Daniel Sheppard, James Molloy and Evan Liu.

Full Results
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Robert Yau won the competition with an average of 9.48 seconds. Evan Liu finished second (10.28) and Ainesh Sevellaraja finished third (10.72).

National Records
Skewb Single – Eli Jay – 1.85
Skewb Average – Eli Jay – 3.98
Ainesh Sevellaraja also set 5 Malysian NRs
Honorable mention to Charlie Stark’s 11.24 Square-1 average, which is just 0.02 from the National Record and ranks 5th in the world