The Glorious North 2015

The Glorious North 2015 was held at St Peter’s Hale, Manchester on 1st-2nd August, 2015. The competition was organised by Zak Walters and Adam Greenwood, and delegated by James Molloy.


The full results can be found here.

Conor Cronin set the following African Records:
5×5 Average – 1:36.64
Square-1 Single – 16.31
Square-1 Average – 25.88
Rubik’s Clock Average – 8.29
Skewb Average: 6.00

In addition, the following UK National Records were set:
6×6 Single: Robert Yau – 2:07.13
6×6 Average: Robert Yau – 2:12.63
7×7 Single: Sameer Mahmood – 3:18.83
7×7 Average: Sameer Mahmood – 3:21.14

There was also 1 Italian NR by Lorenzo Vigani Poli with 15/15 56:06 in MBLD. And Manu Vereecken set 2 NRs for Belgium.


Rubik’s Cube

1. Sameer Mahmood (8.88)
2. Simon Crawford (9.57)
3. Robert Yau (9.85)

The 3×3 event was going to be interesting with many big UK names missing. However, Sameer stole the title with his first sub-9 average, hotly followed by Simon Crawford with his 3rd sub-10 average. During the second round Jialin Zhou got the fastest solve of the competition, 6.92, his first official sub-10, earning him the Luckiest Solve of the Competition award! He also joined the UK sub-10 club alongside Matthew Lowe and Louis de Mendonca, taking the tally upto 24.


1. Sameer Mahmood (37.05)
2. Robert Yau (37.74)
3. Joey Gouly (42.95)

A very close final was preceeded by a very tight second round, with both Sameer and Robert looking very good to break the NR going into their last solves, unfortunately both of them made their worst solves here and so Robert kept his NR.


1. Robert Yau (1:08.00)
2. Sameer Mahmood (1:12.30)
3. James Molloy (1:28.73)

As expected Robert won this event, with Sameer a few seconds behind. Third place had a few contenders and the position was snatched up by James with his first sub 1:20 single on the final solve. Christopher Morris also got a fantastic 1:22 single in the final, destroying his previous PB.


1. Robert Yau (2.61)
2. Ben Whitmore (3.02)
3. Jialin Zhou (3.29)

2×2 was an event up in the air, in the end Robert took the title ahead of Ben, with Jialin taking up the last spot.

3x3x3 Blindfolded

1. Zak Walters (1:01.14)
2. Jialin Zhou (1:17.93)
3. Manu Vereecken (1:17.94)

A surprise end to the final saw Zak Walters getting a massive PB and taking the title, also netting himself a 1:36 mean. 2nd and 3rd place could not have been closer with Jialin stealing the place by 0.01! However, Manu did get the best mean of the competition, with 1:20.79, a Belgian NR.

3x3x3 One-Handed

1. Robert Yau (15.47)
2. Sameer Mahmood (16.33)
3. Ben Whitmore (18.47)

Robert and Sameer were expected to fight for the title here and they delivered, with 3rd being netted by Ben Whitmore, getting his first sub-20 average!

3x3x3 With Feet

1. Jialin Zhou (1:02.91)
2. Robert Yau (1:10.35)
3. Gonzalo Orellana Barrasa (1:13.96)

As expected, Jialin won this event, however his quest for a sub-1 single still eludes him…


1. Chris Wall (57.24)
2. Robert Yau (1:03.48)
3. Bernard Solomon (1:45.45)

It was expected to be tight between Chris and Rob as usual but Chris stole the crown this time. And Bernard snuck in another 3rd place in this event after WGC 2015.


1. Robert Yau (5.05)
2. Jialin Zhou (5.97)
3. Gonzalo Orellana Barrasa (6.20)

In the end quite a tight race for the top 3 spots. Gonzalo unfortunately missed Spanish NR in the first round due a +2.


1. Simon Crawford (13.21)
2. Robert Yau (21.23)
3. Ben Whitmore (25.58)

Simon won as expected, with an average consisting of 2 good solves, 2 mediocre solves and 1 bad solve in both rounds. And Ben snatched the 3rd spot on the podium away from Conor Cronin by 0.3s.

Rubik’s Clock

1. Conor Cronin (8.29)
2. Chris Wall (10.67)
3. James Molloy (10.68)

Conor Cronin finally got a gold medal in clock with the absence of Daniel and Ryan, whilst also getting another African Record. And with James failing horrendously in the final, it left a very close race for the podium spots. Chris ended up taking 2nd by a mere 0.01, and James was ahead of Robert by 0.03. James also improved his single to 5.75 and average to 7.58 moving ahead of Ryan to 2nd place in the UK.


1. Robert Yau (5.79)
2. Conor Cronin (6.74)
3. James Molloy (7.38)

The first round saw James getting a 5.04 average, moving up to 3rd in the UK with Conor getting another African Record. The second round and finals produced some very underwhelming scrambles, and as a result, sub-par results.


1. Robert Yau (2:12.63)
2. Sameer Mahmood (2:28.36)
3. Lorenzo Vigani Poli (2:57.43)

Robert Yau improved upon his NR that he sat at the World Championships just a few weeks prior. And with James popping on the first solve, saw Lorenzo comfortably taking the final spot on the podium behind Sameer.


1. Sameer Mahmood (3:21.14)
2. Robert Yau (3:28.96)
3. Lorenzo Vigani Poli (4:27.43)

Sameer got some very nice times, taking both single and average NRs away from Robert, swapping the 1st and 2nd place of 6×6, with Lorenzo taking the 3rd spot on the podium again.

4x4x4 Blindfolded

1. Nevins Chan Pak Hoong (6:10.67)
2. Manu Vereecken (6:13.52)
3. Billy Jeffs (15:21.00)

This was a very tight final, with Nevins sneaking ahead of Manu to take first place. However, Manu still got the NR for Belgium, with Billy’s success netting him 3rd.

5x5x5 Blindfolded

1. Nevins Chan Pak Hoong (15:35.00)

Nevins once again showed his consistency, with another success at competition, getting him first with the only success. Manu Vereecken was extremely unlucky, missing one attempt by 3 edges and the other attempt by 3 centres, how frustrating!

3x3x3 Multiple Blindfolded

1. Lorenzo Vigani Poli (15/15 56:06)
2. Billy Jeffs (7/7 51:46)
3. Nevins Chan Pak Hoong (6/8 37:43)

Lorenzo set a fantastic Italian NR getting 15/15 with just a few minutes remaining on the timer. Billy finally got all cubes solved in a multi attempt for the first time, booking his place at number two.