Welcome Back to Guildford 2015

Welcome Back to Guildford 2015 was held on 11-12th April 2015 at the Trinity Centre, Guildford. The competition was organised by Robert Yau and Ollie Frost and delegated by James Molloy and Daniel Sheppard


The full results can be found here

Oliver Frost set a 5x5x5 blindfolded World Record of 5:35.84
Alaxander Lau set a 3x3x3 Average European Record of 7.37

In addition, the following UK National Records were set:
Skewb Average: Eli Jay – 4.30
3x3x3 blindfolded mean: Oliver Frost – 36.61
3x3x3 with feet single: Callum Hales-Jepp – 39.10
11 Irish Records were set by Ciarán Beahan
2 Cyprus Records were set by Maria Koukou

Best Performance

Congratulations to Ciarán Beahan who won a close contest with 28.36% of the votes


Rubik’s Cube

1. Alexander Lau (7.37)
2. Robert Yau (9.95)
3. Ciarán Beahan (9.97)

The 3×3 event saw many highlights, headed by Alex’s European Record average in the final. By setting this record for the 3rd time, he regained the record that he recently lost to Mats Valk, and moves up to 2nd in the World Rankings once more.
Ciarán finally broke the 10 second barrier in the first round (and repeated the feat in the final), making Ireland the 36th Country to do so.
After Edinburgh saw the 19th and 20th UK competitors to get a sub-10 single, Bernard Solomon became the 21st, with 9.79 and 9.82 single solves.


1. Ciarán Beahan (34.14)
2. Robert Yau (34.70)
3. Sameer Mahmood (37.56)

The anticipated close battle for 1st place resulted in a victory for Ciarán, helped by 2 consecutive sub-30 solves, which only 5 other people in the World have managed to do.


1. Robert Yau (1:05.83)
2. Ciarán Beahan (1:07.69)
3. Sameer Mahmood (1:15.56)

As expected Robert won this event. Both he and Ciarán came very close to sub-1 singles, with 1:00.43 and 1:00.53 respectively, while Sameer is also starting to threaten the barrier after he recorded a 1:02.68.


1. Robert Yau (2.57)
2. Sameer Mahmood (3.05)
3. Alexander Lau (3.21)

Sameer couldn’t repeat his heroics from the last Guildford competition, where he surprised everyone with a World Record in his first ever competition. Instead it was Robert who won the event with his 2nd best average ever.
The first round saw a painful 1.21+2 from Daniel Sheppard and a 1.88 on the same scramble from Bernard Solomon.

3x3x3 Blindfolded

1. Oliver Frost (32.67)
2. Callum Hales-Jepp (1:17.18)
3. Robert Yau (1:56.22)

Ollie set a National Record in the final with a 36.61 mean, which puts him 15th in the World. The first round generally had a higher standard, with an excellent 1:12 from Zak Walters, and first successes for Adam Watts, Owen Jones and Chris Mills.

3x3x3 One-Handed

1. Alexander Lau (14.77)
2. Robert Yau (16.63)
3. Ciarán Beahan (17.21)

Alex came close to the National Record of 14.50 in winning the final. Justin Jaffray beat a PB average that was set 23 competitions ago the last time he was in the same room in 2011.

3x3x3 With Feet

1. Callum Hales-Jepp (46.67)
2. Jialin Zhou (1:11.11)
3. Alexander Lau (1:21.95)

Callum set a National Record single of 39.10 seconds, despite the fact that no-one can solve on a hard floor :)


1. Robert Yau (1:03.93)
2. Chris Wall (1:07.39)
3. Daniel Sheppard (1:17.93)

Robert Yau sprung a small surprise to win this event, while Daniel did the same to Callum to take 3rd place.


1. Ciarán Beahan (3.44)
2. Harry Savage (3.86)
3. Daniel Sheppard (4.31)

Ciarán produced a great average in the final to win with a big Irish Record, while Harry also had a massive PB to take 2nd place and was just 0.07 from the UK Record. As usual Daniel couldn’t string together 4 decent solves in an average.


1. Robert Yau (19.23)
2. Daniel Sheppard (23.48)
3. Andrew Coghill (29.10)

A very predictable podium played out in this event, although perhaps the most predictable thing was that Andrew started his competition off with a pop on one of his very first turns.

Rubik’s Clock

1. Daniel Sheppard (8.33)
2. James Molloy (8.73)
3. Callum Hales-Jepp (9.19)

Daniel got his 6th consecutive win, leaving James with his 8th 2nd place. Maria Koukou beat her own Cyprus Records in the first round


1. Eli Jay (4.30)
2. Ciarán Beahan (5.78)
3. Daniel Sheppard (6.35)

The first round saw Daniel miss the NR average of 5.38 by 0.01, only for Robert Yau to beat it with 5.30 in the 2nd group.
In the second round, Eli Jay took back the NR he had last year with a 5.01 average.
In the final, Eli lowered his own mark considerably with a 4.30 average, moving him up to 20th in the world.


1. Ciarán Beahan (2:02.91)
2. Robert Yau (2:20.62)
3. Sameer Mahmood (2:27.04)

Ciarán’s average puts him 4th in the world, and this was an amazing result for everyone to see, especially combined with a sub-2 single! Robert Yau popped on a solve, losing several seconds to pick up and fix the piece, and as a result missed the UK single and average records by a small amount.


1. Ciarán Beahan (3:27.99)
2. Sameer Mahmood (3:44.24)
3. Robert Yau (4:01.72)

4x4x4 Blindfolded

1. Oliver Frost (2:20.51)
2. Callum Hales-Jepp (4:59.47)

Oliver unfortunately didn’t manage to break his own World Record, but with his focus on 5x5x5 blindfolded…

5x5x5 Blindfolded

1. Oliver Frost (5:35.84)
2. Callum Hales-Jepp (9:13.04)

Ollie set a new World Record! He beat Grzegorz Jałocha’s record by just over 3 seconds, and came close again on the 3rd solve with a 5:39. This was Ollie’s 6th World Record, and he now holds both the bigbld WRs.
Callum finally broke the 10 minute barrier – something that has frustrated him for some time!

3x3x3 Multiple Blindfolded

1. Callum Hales-Jepp (14/16 54:21)
2. Adam Greenwood (4/7 48:46)
3. Zak Walters (2/4 16:39)

Callum unfortunately made one mistake and forgot the edge memo on another cube, but despite missing out on a PB, his score of 12 points was a long way ahead of the others.