Welwyn Garden City 2015

Welwyn Garden City 2015 was held on 23-24th May 2015 at The Collingwood Suite, Gosling Sports Park, Welwyn Garden City. The competition was organised by Adam Greenwood, Andrew Coghill and Oliver Frost and delegated by James Molloy and Daniel Sheppard


The full results will be uploaded soon

The following UK National Records were set:
Skewb Average: Harry Savage – 4.29
2x2x2 Single: Oliver Frost – 0.74
2 African Records were set by Conor Cronin
1 African Record was set by Jesse Tipton
1 Israeli Record was set by Nathan Liebenson

Best Performance

Congratulations to Oliver Frost who won with 60% of the votes


Rubik’s Cube

1. Cornelius Dieckmann (7.88)
2. Breandan Vallance (9.36)
3. Robert Yau (9.93)

The blue-riband event was won by the pre-comp favourite Cornelius, who keeps up his undefeated record on UK soil. Although he missed his chance of an ER average in the final, it was nevertheless a dominant performance across all 3 rounds. Robert Yau set his best average for almost 2 years in the 1st round, and finished 3rd in the final, with Breandan Vallance taking 2nd place.


1. Robert Yau (37.94)
2. Cornelius Dieckmann (40.10)
3. Daniel Sheppard (42.49)

Robert won as expected, although was not particularly happy with his performance. The same could be said of Cornelius and Daniel who finished 2nd and 3rd respectively!


1. Breandan Vallance (1:03.85)
2. Cornelius Dieckmann (1:14.27)
3. Robert Yau (1:16.83)

The much-anticipated showdown between Breandan, the ER, and Robert unfortunately failed to materialise, but a couple of sub-1s from Breandan still provided something to cheer about.


1. Robert Yau (3.29)
2. Fabio Schwandt (3.31)
3. Harry Savage (3.66)

Possibly the most open event of the competition resulted in a victory for Robert, an excellent first podium for Fabio, and another solid performance from Harry. However, there’s no doubt that the main excitement came in the second group of the first round, where there was a 4 move solution. Oliver Frost took advantage to set a new UK National Record of 0.74, while James Molloy endured a painful 0.86+2. Various others set large PBs, including an Israeli NR for Nathan Liebenson.

3x3x3 Blindfolded

1. Oliver Frost (38.81)
2. Robert Yau (1:38.56)
3. Conor Cronin (1:57.13)

Oliver Frost was the expected winner of this event, while Robert was very happy about his 1:47 mean. Special mentions to organiser Adam Greenwood, who had 5/6 sucessful solves across the 2 rounds and to Sohan Dhanak for his first sucessful solves.

3x3x3 One-handed

1. Cornelius Dieckmann (15.34)
2. Robert Yau (15.60)
3. Aurelien Souchet (21.29)

Cornelius just edged the final ahead of Robert, and a close fight for 3rd place went to Aurelien Souchet for his first podium since 2013.

3x3x3 With Feet

1. Daniel Sheppard (51.99)
2. Robert Yau (1:08.32)
3. James Molloy (1:39.40)

Daniel’s secret practise paid off with new PBs, although he was still disappointed with the results. Robert and James’ placings completed an all-Guildford podium.


1. Daniel Sheppard (1:08.78)
2. Robert Yau (1:08.80)
3. Bernard Solomon (1:42.75)

A surprise win for Daniel by a tiny margin gave him his first win outside Ireland. Bernard beat James in the battle for the last podium place, to earn himself a first podium ever.


1. Harry Savage (4.10)
2. Daniel Sheppard (4.77)
3. Jialin Zhou (5.14)

Harry continued his excellent Pyraminx form to win this event, with Daniel left unhappy at his results yet again, and Jialin taking third place.


1. Robert Yau (20.28)
2. Daniel Sheppard (25.56)
3. Conor Cronin (33.15)

While the first 2 places were predictable, Conor showed that his practise was paying off with a big PB and his first podium in the event


1. Daniel Sheppard (8.97)
2. James Molloy (10.34)
3. Robert Yau (10.51)

For a second time, the podium was all Guildford, although all agreed that the standard of the final left something to be desired! Special thanks to Fabio and Harry for learning and trying really hard to scramble!


1. Eli Jay (4.92)
2. Harry Savage (4.94)
3. James Molloy (5.64)

The first round provided a new National Record average of 4.29 for Harry – his first NR. Ousted recodrd-holder Eli got a small portion of revenge by winning the final by a small margin.

6x6x6 Cube

1. Robert Yau (2:21.89)
2. Daniel Sheppard (2:51.82)
3. Breandan Vallance (2:54.31)

7x7x7 Cube

1. Robert Yau (3:40.96)
2. Daniel Sheppard (4:13.88)
3. Cornelius Dieckmann (4:31.12)

4x4x4 Cube: Blindfolded


5x5x5 Cube: Blindfolded


3x3x3 Multiple Blindfolded

1. Adam Greenwood (6/7 57:52.00)
2. James Molloy (3/3 14:22.00)
3. Robert Yau (2/3 11:20.00)

Adam produced an excellent performance with a new PB to win this event and take his 2nd gold medal ever.