This page contains links to articles or videos about UK Cubers


ToyTesters feature video of UK Championship 2015:

Oliver Frost

Daily Mail – 4bld WR at Edinburgh
Edinburgh News – 4bld WR at Edinburgh
Welwyn Hatfield Times – 4bld WR at Cuthberts

James Molloy

Hull Daily Mail – Britain’s Brightest – video
BBC Breakfast:

Breandan Vallance

The Scotsman – World Champs 2009
BBC – World Champs 2009
Metro – UK Open 2011
Intel Advert

Joey Gouly

BBC – UK 3bld Record – video

Daniel Sheppard

Surrey News – Euro 2010
BBC – Euro 2010 – video
Oxford News – Euro 2010
Surrey News – 4bld WR at Guildford
Daily Express – 40 year anniversary

Surrey and Berkshire Media:

ITV’s This Morning: