UKCA Jackets and Polos Now Available!

Our UKCA Polo Shirts and custom UKCA Jackets are now available to order! You can head over to the UKCA Store now and take a look!

Our closing date for orders is going to be Saturday, 30th September. Since we plan on having them ready for the UK Championship, if you are attending then make sure to select UKC Collection to avoid paying postage. If you cannot attend, we will arrange postage for you following the competition. If you are ordering a jacket, remember to let us know what you want printed on the back.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Euro 2018 Bid

Hello UK Cubers,

The World Championship has recently come to a close and we hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we did, whether you were there, watching the livestream, or just following the results!

As some of you know, the World Championships and the European Championships alternate odd and even years respectively. This means that the internal WCA bid for the European Championship 2018 has now opened.

The UKCA are going to be making a bid for the European Championship 2018 to be held in London. However, to make this as successful as possible, we will be needing your help!

Our biggest hurdle and most urgent item on the agenda will be getting sponsorship for the competition. If you work for a company or know someone that works for a company that may be able to sponsor the competition with either money, goods, or services, we would like for you to get in touch. Sponsorship comes in all forms, whether it be printing services for cube covers or scorecards, or a hotel sponsorship which can get us better rates on rooms for competitors. There are tons of opportunities for sponsorship so if you would like to help out then do let us know at and we can discuss further. The sponsorship will not be necessary unless we win the bid, but we are looking for them at this early stage since the bid process requires it.

The bid must be submitted to the WCA Board before the end of August, so please reply as soon as possible to help us with our preparation!

If we win the bid, then we will certainly be looking for a lot more help in the future. There is a lot of work that goes in to hosting a major championship and there are plenty of skill sets that can be put to use. So look out in the future for anything you might be able to help us with!

Many thanks,
Euro 2018 London Organisation Team

Feliks Zemdegs wins London Open 2017

Feliks Zemdegs won the London Open 2017 with an average of 6.70 seconds. Philipp Weyer finished second (7.13) and Sebastian Weyer finished third (7.23).

World records: Feliks Zemdegs 6x6x6 Cube 1:20.37 (single), 1:28.51 (average), 7x7x7 Cube 2:14.09 (single), 2:18.65 (average).

European records: Sebastian Weyer 5x5x5 Cube 47.82 (single), 52.50 (average).

Oceanian records: Jayden McNeill Skewb 2.00 (single).

UK records: Robert Yau 7x7x7 Cube 2:58.51 (average), Fabio Schwandt Skewb 3.57 (average), Charlie Stark Square-1 7.34 (single).

Full results can be found on the WCA Page.

Cornelius Dieckmann wins Crawley Open 2017

Cornelius Dieckmann won the Crawley Open 2017 with an average of 7.34 seconds. Ciarán Beahan finished second (8.45) and Robert Yau finished third (9.06).

The following UK National Records were set:
7x7x7 Single – Robert Yau – 2:54.96
7x7x7 Mean – Robert Yau – 3:04.69

Full results can be found here.

Dates of Upcoming Competitions

Here are the planned UK competitions for the next few months:
August 26-27th: Welwyn Garden City
September 23-24th: Guildford
October 27-29th: UK Championship, Stevenage
November 25-26th: Weston-Super-Mare
More information will follow nearer the time!